Creamy mushroom - orzotto
Cava, Gruyère, risoni

189, –

Moules frites
Steamed mussels, pommes frites, aioli

195, –

Ask’s seafood soup 
Mussels, clams, prawns

205, – / 315,-


Crispy fried chicken burger
Romaine salad, pickled onions, cheddar cheese, sweet-chili mayo, Pretzel bun, French fries

265, –

Josper grilled Ask's signature burger
Caramelized pork belly, red onions, romaine salad, chipotle mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, brioche bun, French fries

Ask your waiter about our vegetarian and vegan options utvalg i både vegetar og vegansk

275, –

Josper grilled lamb tenderloin
Leak purée, Jerusalem artichoke, baby onions, demi-glace

445, –

Grilled grass-fed Entrecôte
Piquillo pepper purée, seasonal vegetables, chimichurri, rustic potatoes

475, – 

Grilled chicken breast
Leek, Jerusalem artichoke, fennel, creamy truffle sauce

345, –

Cod filet
Caramelized onions, broccolini, grilled plumb tomatoes, rissolet potatoes

425, –

Grillet côte de boeuf
Seasonal vegetables, chimichurri, tonight’s potatoes

Ask your waiter for availability


Tonight’s dessert

115, –

Chocolate fondant
Banana ice cream, pistachios

115, –


  • Creamy orzotto (G-Wheat, M)
  • Moules frites (B, E, Sen)
  • Ask’s seafood soup (B, S, F, M)
  • Crispy chicken burger (G-Wheat, M, E, Sen)
  • Signature burger (G-Wheat, M, E, Sen) .
  • Lamb tenderloin (Soy)
  • Entrecôte
  • Chicken breast (M)
  • Cod filet (F, M)
  • Chocolate fondant (G-Wheat, E, Pistachios, M)
  • Sausages and pommes frites
  • Crispy chicken burger (G-Wheat)
  • Kids hamburger (G-Wheat, Sen)

According to Norwegian legislation we are obliged to identify allergens. We have marked the dishes according to the allergens listed below:

Gluten G (information on each course)
Shellfish S
Egg E
Mollusks B
Peanuts P
Milk M
Nuts N (information on each course)
Soy Soy
Sesame Ses
Celery Sel
Mustard Sen
Fish F
Lupine L
Traces of lupine can be found in flour. Traces of nuts can be found in different courses, although nuts are not added unless marked with (N) and the respective specification.

All our wines contain sulphites.

Some of our dishes can be made without gluten and lactose, please ask your waiter.

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